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March 8, 2011
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Bran by waxwng Bran by waxwng
It's Bran aka John Jr. (wouldn't that make his son Johnny III? lololololol) from Juliet Marillier's Son of the Shadows. I've always wanted to do a portrait of him because of the tattoos... but was always dismayed by the amount of work that needs to be put in them. So I found a middle ground, I think: photomanipulation.

I know I got a couple of things wrong - like the side of the face/body that the tattoos are on, and I couldn't remember if he had any on his palm (apart from the bee). But in general I'm pleased with it. He turned out to look pretty much how I imagined Bran while reading the book. So it turned out to be a mix of Marillier's description and my own interpretation.

I tried to make it as photo-realistic as possible (lol, filter) but I haven't done photomanipulation in years, so I felt a bit rusty. Probably not something I will be doing again any time soon.

I watched him as he came close and touched the smith's brow with his hand, a hand patterned from the wrist of his shirt to the fingertips with feathers and spirals and interlocking links, as complex and fascinating as some ancient puzzle... [His face] was light and dark, night and day, this world and the Otherworld.on the left side, the face of a youngish man, the skin weathered but fair, the eye gray and clear, the mouth well formed if unyielding in character. On all the right side, extending from an undrawn mark down the exact center, an etching of line and curve and feathery pattern, like the mask of some fierce bird of prey. An eagle? A goshawk? No, it was, I thought, a raven, even as far as the circles about the eye, and the suggestion of predatory beak around the nostrils.

The tattoo itself took about 2-3 hours. Another 2-3 was spent on editing (am I slow or am I slow?).

Man: *BokoGreat-STOCK - [link]
Feathers: ~rL-Brushes - [link]
Celtic knotwork: *redheadstock - [link]
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This is exactly how I imagined he would look like :iconcraiplz: This is simply amazing, amazing job!
Tenru-Wingstorm Oct 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You have no idea now happy I am to see this... I've been rereading the book.... Pikachu want it 
This is soooooooooooo perfect thank you so very much for making this. :D
Love it!!!:) good to see some one replicate such a beautiful price of artwork!:)
This is literally how I had imagined Bran. It is brilliant!
This is Amazingly done. I've always wanted to see a realistic view of Bran. Your interpretation is amazing!
this is absolutely amazing! I never really had a picture of him in my head, but i guess now i have :meow:
DrakainaDawn Dec 22, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hnnng.. magnificent! Just how I imagined him. Really nice work on the tattoos!
Forgive me if this has already been answered but did you draw the bee? It's the only one I've seen so far that's just how I pictured it!
waxwng Oct 28, 2012   Traditional Artist
No I didn't draw the bee. I'm pretty sure I simply googled "bee ink drawing" or something of the sort and bam.

Thanks for the question!
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